Magic Island Park


Magic Island Park

101 Kanawha Boulevard West

Kanawha Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue

Charleston WV 25301


Phone contact: (304) 348-6860


Hours of operation: Opens at daylight – Closes at dusk
Operated by the City of Charleston West Virginia Parks and Recreation Department.


Magic Island Park is located on the “West Side” area of Charleston,  InKanawha County WV,  a mid sized city park perfect for exercise and athletic locals and visitors alike.


Magic Island, formed by the confluence of the Elk & Kanawha rivers forming a delta that would “Appear and Disappear” with the rise and fall of the rivers level.

As time passed the City of Charleston filled in the area between the bank and the delta to form an area now known as “Magic Island Park”.

Before the joining to the river bank “Magic Island” was a popular area for a afternoon or weekend get away spot for local “West Side” residence looking for a party with a uninhibited state of mind.


Now Magic Island Park a venue for Local and National Sporting events in a unique riverside setting.


This multi use facility inKanawha County WV provides a variety of amenities that include;

  • Fishing
  • Volleyball Court
  • Trails – Walking – Hiking – Nature
  • Rockaway Beach

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